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Your soul chose Soul Partnerships as its initiation path to Ascension

I see you.

You're tired of all the effort you need to put in trying to make this person come back and commit to a relationship with you. You have exhausted yourself and your resources trying to get them to see how compatible you are, how much you love them and how much you want to be with them.

You have spent way too much money on Twin Flame guided meditations, activations and psychic tarot readings that didn't get you any closer to union.

You're SICK of wasting your time watching YouTube reading after reading, hoping to find out when your twin will come back to you... because the short highs that these quick fixes give you, are always followed by earth-shattering lows when all your deep fears, false beliefs, resentments and anger inevitably resurface again.

And you KNOW that if you could just let go, you would be better off - but the thought of losing your Twin Flame terrifies you and this fear makes you hold on even tighter.

It's this deep-seated fear of not having the romantic fairy-tale happy end you so deeply desire, that is keeping you from actually HAVING it.

Just like Willy and Nadja, you can learn how to align to the love that is your's by Divine Right whether that is with your Twin Flame or a Soulmate.

Let me show you how to break free from the vicious cycles of painful separations and endlessly chasing 'love'.

What if I told you that the reason your
Twin Flame journey is so painful...

Is because it’s not actually about romance or love?

It’s not about finding (or forcing) some fairy tale romance and wedding bells.

Your connection is already there.

You feel it. They feel it.

Think About it

It simply is.

It doesn't need that kind of work or action.

But then the question is, why does it hurt so bad?

Do you want to know why your Twin Flame journey
isn't working for you?

Because the Twin Flame journey isn't about the Twin Flame.

It never was.

This journey is about YOU.

Consider this: you already know that your twin mirrors you.

Why do you think that is?

Most Twin Flame teachings are based on Plato’s idea that the soul was split into two halves...

And that we are forever searching for the other part that completes us.

But that’s a pretty codependent concept, isn't it?

The basic belief in this concept means you can't be happy without your twin.

So, what happens when you have found the other half of your soul...

And they refuse to complete you?

This is how most Twin Flame stories play out in the real world.

It's how yours is playing out right now.

But it doesn't have to be so painful.

The truth is, your twin isn't in your life for the reasons you think.

In fact, it’s the most misunderstood concept throughout the Twin Flame community.

It's what makes the whole journey so confusing, especially because you thought you found the love of your life in your Twin Flame...

And suddenly it feels more like unrequited love, even if they seemed to be into you before.

This is the ultimate illusion, because "love" isn't why they're here at all.

Then, why?

Have you noticed that since they showed up in your life...

So have your deepest fears?

And what about those false beliefs, that are obviously holding you back?

Stories and traumas that were buried deep in your subconscious are starting to resurface?

There's a reason for that.

Because your twin is here to show you these things, so you can heal them.

Your twin shows you where you don’t feel good enough...

Where you are shrinking instead of standing firm in your power...

Where you are inauthentic or stuck in self-judgment...

Where you are self-loathing...

Your twin is your Divine mirror...

You see a reflection of yourself that you don't want to see or accept.

This brings up deep pain and anguish.

This mirror is relentless.

It feels like they're showing you all the ways you're ugly...

When really, they're showing you all the ways you need to love yourself.

And with a different method for dealing with this turmoil that shows up on your journey.

You WILL be able to do exactly that.

The truth is, they can't be in a healthy, fulfilling relationship with you...

Until you're in a healthy, fulfilling relationship with YOURSELF.

But Let's Be Real
Every other solution out there has you chasing the carrot...
To no avail.

In the book the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The boy asks the Alchemist why the other alchemists failed to make gold.

The Alchemist answers:

"They were only looking for gold. They were seeking out the treasure of their destiny, without actually wanting to live out their destiny."

This is EXACTLY the same reason why so many Twin Flames stay on the hamster wheel of agony.

Because they are SO focused on the gold at the end of the journey...

That they forget about their own personal transformation along the way that helps them reach it to begin with.

But who can blame them?

With so many "experts" and "gurus" out there who are driving you toward Twin Flame union and the promise of romantic bliss...

Taking advantage of your fears around losing your twin...

Instead of showing you the way to the inner union that makes that fear GO AWAY altogether...

They are selling you the dream, the fantasy, your romantic and they lived happily ever after...

It's bullshit teachings like these that keep Twin Flames stuck going in circles endlessly on their journeys.

I know this because I tried all these solutions, the Twin Flame meditations, the activations, the psychic reads and so on...

When I first started out on my own journey.

I even bought some of the programs other Twin Flame teachers were offering

They did not work because they are focusing on the WRONG thing.

They are focused on the romantic outcome with the twin.

But tell me.

If you're not feeling healthy and happy within yourself...

How can you possibly be healthy and happy with your twin?

It just doesn't make sense.

Are you wondering what does make sense?

What will ACTUALLY work?

The Method to Making Your Twin Flame Journey Work for You -
That No One else Is Teaching

You see there are two types of Twin Flames...

Type #1 reads ALL the Twin Flame blogs and forecasts...

They follow multiple psychic and tarot readers on YouTube for weekly updates...

And they're confused all the time by so much conflicting information.

These twins want relief from the pain.

But no matter what they try they just get reeled back on to the roller coaster...

And before you know it, they're feeling anger, resentment, and fear all over again.

They want union so badly, and don't know how to stop - even when the desire makes them feel crazy.

And even in the moments, days or weeks where they can stop obsessing about union...

They're afraid, and have a deep sense of anxiety that their twin will never come back...

Why does this happen?

Because they're following terrible advice from gurus who are dangling the carrot of union in front of them...

Instead of actually fixing the problem.

But let's talk about Twin Flame Type #2:

Type #2 is feeling FREEDOM from the false beliefs, pain, resentment, fear, and anger…

Some have found union with their Twin Flame...

And the rest ACCEPT it happily even if they haven't...

So they can live happily ever after either way.

Type two is no longer struggling with the mirror the Twin Flame places in front of them.

They're not longer feeling triggered, anxious, or holding shame around what their twin has shown them...

Type #2 is free and complete.

Enroll in The School of Inner Union

Still, the question is...

Why are most people stuck being type #1?

Because they haven't learned the method for Breaking Free.

How I can help you finally break free.

Hi, my name is Sabriyé Ayana and I've helped over thousands of twins happily break free from the Twin Flame struggles.

I am the leading expert on the Twin Flame journey and inner union process. As a Twin Flame leader, teacher and healer I help Twin Flames understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... It's a modern-day initiation path to Ascension - an alchemizing process that leads to inner union of the soul, the ego and the 3D self in the physical reality.

I teach that the Twin Flame connection is meant to trigger unprocessed (past life) traumas in order to help the souls return to their original state of wholeness. It is through healing these deep subconscious wounds that we recover our true nature and prepare the physical body to hold the higher vibrational frequency of the soul, creating as above, so below.

You and your Twin Flame's higher self use both closeness and distance (running and separation) to trigger the deeper wounding that needs to be cleared and healed, in order to come into true union and not just a physical relationship with the twin - as within, so without. Only inner union can be reflected back to us as true Twin Flame union. The outer reality can only ever reflect back to us, what is attained within.

The Inner Union Program,
the School of Inner Union curriculum for initiates on
the Twin Flame and Ascension path

ALL of the methods in the Inner Union Program
are designed to help YOU:

  • STOP feeling like you're always chasing your Twin Flame.
  • Discover exactly what's being triggered subconsciously and how to deal with it quickly without all of the confusion and resentment.
  • Save hundreds of dollars on reading after reading because you're no longer seeking answers externally. You're able to find them within, instead.
  • STOP needing quick fixes like paid meditations and tarot readings that just drain you dry.
  • Discover if there's an even better match for you than your Twin Flame - and manifest union with them instead.
  • Show you how to deal with the "unpleasant surprises" that come creeping around the corner of your Twin Flame journey.
  • Take control of your destiny once and for all. Instead of waiting for eclipses and full moons, you now get the tools to make your Twin Flame connection work for you.
  • Make the shift from 3D to 5D and create your Heaven on Earth.
  • Align you to the inner and outer Hieros Gamos (sacred marriage).

But that's not all...

How Will The Inner Union Program Help You? By Walking You Through the Process of Inner Union, Step-By-Step.

Here's what you'll get:

Module 1: Getting Out of Your Soul's Way

The counter-intuitive method to getting what you actually want by letting go.

Module 2: Shifting Realities

How to get OFF of the roller-coaster ride you’re on in your Twin Flame journey and step into a new reality, one that you’ll actually love to exist in.

Module 3: Venturing into the Underworld

Uncover the secrets to why your union with your twin keeps encountering sabotage and roadblocks around every corner. And what to do about them.

Module 4: Discovering Your Hidden Power

It's time for you to stop relying on the power of your twin, or even the universe. It's time for you to discover your own power - and how it can help you break free.

Module 5: Unclogging the Drain

Why can't you create peace and happiness in your life? Because there is no room.

You have things in your life taking up too much energetic and physical space for anything else to even come in.

It's time to unclog the drain!

Module 6: The Death of Fear (And What to Replace it With)

Your fears and false beliefs are controlling your journey. And you trying to regain control has you controlling your twin. I know that's not who you want to be.

Luckily you can replace fear with something else. I'll show you.

Module 7: Ending the War of the Sexes

The keys to putting the power struggle to a stop for good. How to find balance with yourself, and your twin. This will also help you greatly improve relationships with friends, family and co-workers.

Module 8: Breaking Free from the Chains

You've been shackled to the fear, anger, resentment, and the drama of it all. It can almost feel like an addiction at times. It makes you feel like shit, but you haven't been able to break free. This shows you how.

Module 9: Opening the Floodgates of Heaven

Your Divine Design for your life holds many blessings that the soul has prepared for you. But are you ready to receive them? Here we explore the subconscious and chakra blocks that are keeping you from opening the Floodgates of Heaven.

Module 10: Fanning the Flames of Intimacy

You have heard the Rob Bell quote "It's easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… that is being naked."

I will teach you the #1 mistake that causes your partner to shut down... and show you how to find your own deepest blocks to intimacy on all levels.

Module 11: The Truth about Divine Timing

Tired of waiting for the next new moon, full moon, eclipse, retrograde, etc. to find progress in your journey?

Discover the truth that will set you FREE of being locked in the time-trap of divine timing.

Module 12: Bringing Down Heaven on Earth

Discover the ONE thing that you need to practice in order to anchor in 5D as your physical reality.

This has nothing to do with yoga, meditation or a specific spiritual practice. It's in fact something that you would never expect to be the ultimate paradigm shifter.

Module 13: The Truth About Trust

Have you really done your healing work? You're about to find out.

Module 14: The Higher Union You're Missing Out On

There's actually a higher union you're missing out on. This is how to achieve it so that you'll find peace and happiness - no matter what happens.

Everything in this program is very powerful when you put it to use…

But let me ask you...

You'll wake up a week from now and buy yet another tarot reading anyway, hoping to see if your twin will come back to you...

Find yourself in tears yet again over another argument with your twin...

Find yourself chasing them again instead of living YOUR life the way you were meant to live it.

But what happens if you do take advantage of this program?

Probably the same thing that happens to others who've taken it before you.

You break the chains and are finally free.

You stop wasting time and money on quick fixes that don't work.

You stop trying to chase and control your twin - you don't even WANT to.

You can FINALLY manifest healthy, happy relationships with your twin or whoever else you choose.

Consider all of the turmoil you've been through over this...

And ask yourself what this experience would be worth to you?

So, let's talk money

Now, if I were to walk you through this privately it would cost €11,111.

Even in a group coaching setting it would be €7,777.

But you won't pay either of these prices.

with no recurring fees in the future

Do you want the Inner Union Package with a two hour and one hour Akashic Record Clearing?
Buy now for ONLY €7,277


To get results like THIS


and OVER


But that's not all. You also get bonuses.

Including bonuses, here's what you get when you join today:

The Inner Union Program:
The A-Z alchemy system to finally give you freedom and peace on your Twin Flame journey that will have you feeling like a whole new person. (Value €3,333)

Bonus #1: Direct access to me:
I am an active member in the group sharing insights and helping Tribe members deepen their understanding of the teachings and helping them work through their own individual blocks when needed. (Value - €4,444)

Bonus #2: Access to my private team of healers:
As a Tribe member you also get access to my own personal team of healers, who have assisted me in my inner union process. Most healers are not familiar with the inner union process, working with healers that know what to do speeds up your process significantly and saves you thousands of dollars. (Value - €7,777)

Bonus #3: The Private Tribe Community & Support Group:
To help you not feel lonely, crazy, and unsupported on this journey. Surround yourself with others who are working the steps with you. Some farther along who can give advice from different perspectives that fit your own. (Value - €1,111)

Bonus #4: Recorded healing sessions with various healers:
To help you work through your blocks and create lasting change on your journey. (Value - €1,111)

Bonus #5: Weekly Videos & pre-recorded Q&A calls:
To help you take action and work through the blocks and lessons presented in the program. (Value - €2,222)

Bonus #6: Audio format:
In addition to the video and text format you get with the program, you get audio formatted material as well so you can listen on the go. (Value - €222)

Bonus #7: Ascension Detox Protocol:
To help you deal with all the physical side effects of the Ascension journey, so that you can stay strong, vibrant and healthy during the process. (Value - €333)

For a total value of €20,553

How much is your happiness worth to you?

People tell me all the time that my program is more expensive than most of the other Twin Flame programs.

You know why?

Because it's also the only one that WORKS, which means it saves you time and money in the long run.

And unlike with other such programs being offered, there are NO hidden or recurring costs. It's straightforward and upfront, with no unexpected surprises down the line.

Look at it this way....

If you wake up in a year and you're still going through turmoil.

Feeling resentment, anger, confusion...

Wondering if you're crazy...

Feeling alone, and disconnected from your twin...

And still paying for all these 'cheaper' quick fixes that don't actually work...

In truth you are just flushing your money down the toilet, when you buy into these quick fix schemes.

Isn't that much more expensive than investing in a real solution, that will fix this once and for all?

So tell me, what is your happiness and peace worth to you?

It's priceless!

And in the grand scheme of things...

And the ability to finally manifest the love you really want...

So, are you ready to break free?

Still have questions?

Check What People Are Saying.

Will the Program Work For Me if:

I met my twin online, but we have never met in real life?

Yes, this program also works if you have never met in real life. The Twin Flame connection is a deep spiritual and energetic connection, online or offline doesn't change that.

My twin and I have never been in a romantic relationship?

Yes, it will work for you because many of my clients did NOT start out their Twin Flame relationship as a romantic connection.

My twin and I have never been intimate?

Yes, this program is for you. Physical intimacy does not make or break a Twin Flame connection. Many of my clients have never been physically intimate with their Twin Flame.

My twin and I have been in a romantic relationship and are now separated?

Yes, this program will also work for you - because the separation is meant only to bring up the deeper subconscious wounding. The program is geared to help you fix this.

I have given up hope of ever reuniting with my Twin Flame?

Yes, if you've given up hope of union with your Twin Flame but want to heal and deal with the blocks that are lingering. It will help you!

I am not on the Twin Flame journey, but I am on the Ascension path?

Also for you this program is a perfect fit. Whether you are walking the Ascension path with your beloved or are walking it solo, both paths lead to inner union.

I am not 100% sure this person is my Twin Flame?

Of course you aren't. That is SO common. Just look at some of the testimonials of people who had their doubts as well and joined anyway. One of my clients joined and that same day, her twin told her he had feelings for her too and asked her out - when before he had even blocked her!

My Twin Flame is in a relationship with someone else?

Yes, this program will work for you even when your Twin Flame is in a relationship with someone else. You DO NOT need to be in contact or in a romantic relationship with your twin, to come into inner union with your soul and align to the Divine design of your life.

My twin doesn't reciprocate my feelings?

I have great news, there's no way for you to know that for sure right now. You haven't felt like yourself since this journey started - so if your Twin Flame is put off, it's not you. You're going to do so much inner work and inner transformation in this program you'll actually come out of it feeling almost like a new person. Then we'll see how they feel, and better yet, how YOU feel about them.

My twin and/or I am gay or we are both heterosexual but my twin is the same sex?

Yes, this program is for you. Sexual identity and sexual preference does not exclude you from the Twin Flame journey. Your soul chose the precise dynamics you find yourself in, because they are what best suits your soul evolution. The soul itself has no gender, it is androgynous - both masculine and feminine in perfect balance.

My twin and I have a big age difference or we live very far from each other?

A big age difference or a big physical distance are NOT an obstruction on your Twin Flame journey, although they may seem to be. Some of my first clients to come into physical union with their twin, lived miles and miles apart. That distance did not prevent them from proceeding on their Twin Flame journey. It's the inner work that moves us forward, not the outer circumstances.

How is this Online Program offered?

As soon as you have successfully paid for the School of Inner Union, you can login to your private learning environment.

In your private learning environment you will find the weekly modules. You'll also find a link to the Tribe community support group, where you can connect to the other Tribe Mystery School members from all over the world.

Each Module Comes With:

  • A video on that week’s topic
  • The weekly teaching in PDF workbook format and audio
  • Your week’s homework to help you implement the content of the teaching
  • Module's affirmations to help you shift your mindset
  • Module's pre-recorded Q&A calls with most asked questions answered
  • Links to other resources that can help you integrate the current week’s teachings even deeper

You can follow the modules in your own time and pace.

As you have lifetime access to the modules, you can redo any module you want at any time.

Tribe members often go back after some time to go through a module again, to get an even deeper understanding of the teachings.

What Technical Stuff do You Need to Join?

Both the online program and the Tribe community support group are accessible through the internet.

You can join the School of Inner Union from anywhere in the world, you only need:

  • A smartphone, laptop or tablet
  • An email address
  • A Facebook account for the Tribe community support group

Everything you post in the Tribe community support group is ONLY visible to the members of the group.

NO ONE outside of the School of Inner Union can ever see what you share..

You don’t ever need to worry that your Facebook friends or family will be able to see what you share with the group.

The Tribe community support group is a completely safe environment for you to discuss your journey with people who "get it".

Tribe members know the rules of the special world you have entered and they know how to give you counsel that will work in the special world. Something that the people who stayed behind in the normal world simply can’t give you.

Is the School of Inner Union the Right Fit for You?

  • You have met your Twin Flame and you are currently stuck in a runner/chaser dynamic or in separation.
  • You have tried EVERYTHING to make things work with your twin. But it never improved, and only got worse over time.
  • Your Twin Flame has made a 180 degree turn in his or her feelings for you and you don’t know why. You also can’t seem to get real closure together, which makes it almost impossible to move on.
  • You are frustrated and hurt with this whole Twin Flame connection. You are totally obsessed with your twin, you feel rejected, abandoned and yet your twin is on your mind 24/7.
  • You have said everything that there was to say. You have done everything to communicate your undying love for your twin. They can't reciprocate, and you can't walk away.
  • You are so tired of doing this alone. You doubt if you aren’t all just making this up or losing your mind. No one in your life seems to understand.
  • You want to discover your true potential. You also want to find unconditional love in all aspects of your life.
  • You want to gain freedom in all areas of your life through the Twin Flame journey.
  • You want to come to a place where you can sustain joy and happiness within regardless of outside circumstances.
  • You have managed to make it this far, you feel you are so close – you are back in contact but still can’t come into union together.
  • You want to be at peace and happy in your life, whether or not you end up romantically with your Twin Flame.
  • You want to become who YOU truly are and were always meant to be.

What Makes The Inner Union Program Different from the Other Twin Flame Programs?

There are of course other programs being offered on the Twin Flame subject.

Some in a similar price range and some much cheaper as they also cover less ground and offer less support.

But above all, all these other solutions focus on short term bandaids instead of long term cures for the Twin Flame struggle.

You can't come into Twin Flame union in the same way you come into a normal old paradigm romantic relationship - yet that's what those other programs teach and push you towards.

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done (Thomas Jefferson).

In this lifetime you have never HAD true Twin Flame union, even if you were in a romantic relationship with your twin before, that is not union.

So you have to do something you have never done, to have true Twin Flame union even become possible.

This is what I teach you how to do in the Inner Union Program.

Is The School of Inner Union the Soul Family for You?

The School of Inner Union is a high vibe Ascension school for Twin Flames serious about becoming the highest expression of themselves...

AND coming into union with their beloved...

Here are some key phrases that will help you identify if we are the right peepz for you and that also gives you an idea of what you can expect from us.

Many free Twin Flame groups drown in negativity. They attract all sorts of people - including those not actually on the Twin Flame journey.

The atmosphere within The School of Inner Union is a very loving, affirming environment, where we build each other up and have each other’s backs.

This is what makes it such a safe and nurturing space, which is what you need in order to be able to dive deep into your own inner transformation.

You need to feel safe to express yourself, to voice your struggles and share your epiphanies.

The School of Inner Union is deliberately set up as a sacred and safe space for you to alchemize inner union.

This Is the Right Community for You When:

  • You are willing to do the inner work and healing
  • You bring in a positive and loving vibe most of the time
  • You want to make friends with others on this journey
  • You are willing to try things in a different way
  • You are interested in the spiritual side of the Twin Flame journey
  • You want to learn how to raise your personal vibrational frequency higher
  • You are willing to take responsibility for your own life, feelings and experiences
  • You are willing to be supported on your own journey and support others in their journeys
  • You want to create your own Heaven on Earth which includes a mutual loving relationship with your twin or someone better
  • You want to become the highest expression of yourself
  • You seek to alchemize inner union with your soul

This is NOT the Right Community for You When:

  • You are stuck in the old 3D way of thinking and perceiving reality and not willing to shift your perspective
  • You blame your Twin Flame for not having the romance you want and see yourself as their victim
  • You want to complain and project your pain onto your twin or others
  • You bring in a lot of negativity and unnecessary drama
  • You engage in disrespectful behavior towards your twin, members of our Tribe or people outside
  • You are not willing to do the work
  • You are only interested in having physical union and romance with your Twin Flame
  • You are just trying to get back with your ex

See What My Other Students & Clients Have to Say

24 reviews for School of Inner Union

  1. Charlie

    I am quite new to the twin flame journey, and found Sabriyé and her tribe soon after realizing I might be in this process of coming home to myself.

    Although I was reading Sabriyé´s articles with a lot of interest, it took me some months before deciding on accessing the tribe, due to the elevated cost.
    Looking back on this afterwards I regret this, because altogether I spent as much on other teachers as on access to the tribe.
    And I can assure you I learnt most from Sabriyé. Her explanations just resonate. She knows what she is talking about. The modules are a great help.
    Access to the tribe lasts a lifetime and new healers or information are being added regularly. Members support each other via a private Facebook group.
    Nothing to lose and absolutely worth the investment!

    S Charlie

  2. Liz

    I joined Sabriye’s program exactly a year ago and Sabriye’s group coaching turned out to be one of the best investments I’d made on this journey, besides the modules and Akashic records clearing. I completed the modules and continue to review them as needed, plus I do make a point to follow the Facebook Mastermind forum. But as it turned out, the group coaching really was the “missing piece” for me. I signed up for the group sessions, not knowing what to expect. (ie- “trusting the process and my intuition to join”) Engaging directly with Sabriye, along with other people who are on this journey has been incredible. Between having the ability to connect live with others facing (or who have faced) the same issues I am, and then coming away from each session with weekly actions to take or “ah ha” revelations, these last few months have been absolutely life-changing. I don’t think there are words to express the level of calm I’ve reached thanks to the group, but also I’ve learned so much more about myself in general.

    This journey has gone way beyond just being about “Twin Flames.” Group coaching has definitely accelerated my progress in both this journey, and my overall daily life experiences. I’m excited to continue the group coaching sessions!

    Also, I know you didn’t ask for my feedback, but I really wanted to let you know how much this impacted my life. I’m grateful. Feel free to send anyone my way that might have questions about the sessions or your program. Everyone should be able to feel the freedom and clarity I do. The journey has been about so much more than Twin Flames. I went from feeling years of anxiety, loss, and uncertainty to achieving clarity, purpose, and growth. I still have a lot of work to do, but progress has been everything to me. I couldn’t find this anywhere else until I started working with you.

  3. Liz E

    Same to you, Sabriyé. Thank you for bringing clarity to all of us in what this journey is. While all of our paths are different and shrouded in what sometimes feels like endless mysteries and riddles, we have a collective common ground that lead us all to you.

    Because of you, 2020 was my year of “awakening.” 2021 will be my “evolution.” Without you, this road would be much more difficult, and certainly void of a “map.” (And probably also any “street signs,” for that matter.)

    Being “lost” for so long was horrible. February of 2020 is when your program helped “lift the veil.” Again, thank you.

  4. C

    I’m so grateful for the Tribe its helped me so much I was at such a low point in my life and didn’t know what to do. Thinking I was alone, crazy, imagined everything ❤ thank Sabriyé Ayana.

  5. Jamilla

    After joining the program and doing other healing modalities, the experience of my Twin Flame second ghosting/separation moment and our reconnection was totally awesome. This time I trust that the separation was to serve for our highest good although I still feel the pain in my heart and believe our connection never gonna be lost even though we were not in physical contact. Few months later, out of nowhere, my Twin Flame blocked me on Facebook and unfollowed my Instagram. Unexpectedly, I heard my inner voice saying, “YES! That’s the right moment!” My ego mind thinking WHAT? A YES with this situation? I realised this time my soul took the lead over my ego mind to fully trust everything is happening for our highest good at the exact moment.

    Then few months later, an awesome thing happened! My Twin Flame unblocked me on Facebook! I quickly messengered you and you were so happy for me and provided me valuable advice to handle this situation better than my first time experience. I followed your advice and guess what, my Twin Flame expressed to me that he loves me so much that he can’t deny our connection even though he ever tried to do so and he also showed his vulnerability to me. How amazing this experience means so much to me!

  6. Katie M.

    “I had a two-hour Akashic Record session with Sabriye two weeks ago and since then I’ve experienced a HUGE shift of energy!

    As a member of the Tribe Mystery School, I’d already been doing weeks of healing, and I feel the Akashic Record fast-tracked that healing and helped me bust through a brick wall I kept running into. Our session allowed me to finally and completely release the fear of abandonment and loss that had been keeping me in the chaser dynamic. In fact, I’ve also completely released the notion of being together with my twin, and actually could not care less if we end up together. Crazy, right? I had no idea one Akashic Record session could allow that sort of healing to happen so quickly! Releasing all that trauma has made me feel so FREE! It allowed me to re-focus on ME, step into my power, and slowly start to create the life I’ve always wanted, instead of focusing all my energy on union with my twin. Life changing! Thanks, Sabriye, for all you do!”

  7. Kate D

    Taking the inner union program totally transformed my perspective on the twin flame journey, and my relationship with my twin flame. A few months ago I was totally fed up with this journey and at a loss with how to handle the push-pull dynamic with my twin, which had gone from him saying I love you for the first time to refusing to see me and barely talking to me within weeks. Once I started this program my whole perspective changed; once I understood more from Sabriye’s teachings I understood I just needed to trust the connection and focus on my own healing. This allowed me to surrender to the process and let go of trying to understand or control the relationship on the 3D level. This shift was dramatically reflected in my relationship with my twin as well. Shortly after starting the program we started seeing each other again and we are now happily together, in love, and planning a future. But even if that hadn’t happened, the shift in perspective I underwent through this program was transformational and will carry me through whatever future challenges may arise on this journey.

  8. Katherine

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything and let you know how much being part of the Tribe Mystery School has meant to me. Before purchasing the Inner Union Package, I was very hesitant to invest in myself and the program however I took a leap of faith and decided to do it and it has completely changed my life. Prior to joining the Tribe, my twin and I had not spoken in a VERY long time. After following your teachings and working on my own healing for a few months we have finally started speaking again! I know this would not have happen without you! Everything I learned in the Tribe Mystery School and the healings I have done based on your recommendations made this all possible. The private Tribe Community has also been an invaluable resource to me to as a source of support. I have learned so much from others in the group and it really helps to know there are others facing the same issues. I would tell anyone who is hesitant about making the investment in themselves that this is 1000% worth it! Take the leap of faith. It WILL change your life like it has mine.

  9. Natasha Virdy

    I recently just started working with @sabriyeayana, and I’m so thankful for the powerful shifts I’ve already had from working with her. She knows her shit and if you’re on a sacred union path, then she is a must follow.

  10. Anonymous

    I am still processing that but wow…made even more connections to my present life as I was walking around….
    And 10 minutes after we hung up, I got a text from S. First time we’ve been in touch in a month 

  11. Ilona

    In the cyclical process of healing and surrendering, Sabriyé is instrumental in keeping me grounded and on the right track. Her approach is anchored in truth and love.

  12. Tel

    I’ve been offered a job possibility for next year, without even looking! Also those sparrows are trying to build a nest in the toilet, I’m flattered they feel safe enough to have their babies in my house but I don’t think I could deal with all the bird poo.

  13. Anonymous

    Spiritual Awakening and healing is a complex process with only beautiful rewards as a benefit. Being a part of this tribe helps me navigate the ups and downs. This group of lovely souls is always there to be the beacon of light during the darker moments. It’s been uplifting when I needed it as well as when I’ve been able to offer it. I would not be this far on my journey without this family.

  14. Sheetal R Ahuja

    Truly grateful to Sabriyé & her teachings that led me to “LET GO” of all attachments, limited point of view, notions, I held close, that itself were my roadblock to my Union.
    I found the much needed FREEDOM that my soul was seeking & ready for!
    Blessed be!

  15. Sarah Parker

    I think the difference between this program versus other options (ie retreats, workshops, etc) is that your program has a long lasting effect. It is basically a class where you learn & apply over a period of time, not just crunch a bunch of info into 2 days and hope it works. With this program, my hope was to apply real change to my life. I have tried everything over this past year to “heal” from my Twin Flame (( ie, yoga, meditations, therapy (which is still incredibly important) books, you name it)) and nothing has worked because it is not meant to become a long term solution. The Twin Flame Tribe program appealed to me because I realized that it is a long term solution compared to the others, and that was worth any investment, no matter the cost or my means of being able to pay for it. (Also, within an hour after purchasing the program, I got a business inquiry which is more than enough to cover the program expenses. Voila! The universe works in mysterious way!) I hope that is helpful to you!

  16. Aquina

    Joining the program was such a leap of faith… I went in kinda doubting my Twin Flame connection from a mental standpoint but I just trusted myself and joined…
    It was the best thing I ever did; my Twin Flame messaged me THAT SAME DAY (#confirmation) admitting that he felt something for me AND asked me out…
    That just shows you what happens when you trust yourself, the universe, and take big action towards inner union!

  17. Anonymous

    When I started my journey almost three years ago I was lost in a sea of information. I didn’t even know what a Twin Flame was and hadn’t met mine yet. But I KNEW inside me I had someone. I meditated and prayed and asked for signs and help – I cried and begged too. I came across Sabriyé Ayana and her Tribe. I signed up for the articles and knew inside my heart she was speaking truths. I met my Twin Flame and there was a spark – it felt completely different and familiar. But that began the runner chaser dynamic of the Twin Flame journey that I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to handle. One thing I loved about Sabriyé is she was real. Didn’t sugar coat anything. It was all straight forward and sometimes was NOT what I wanted to hear. But it was truth and it resonated. I was ignoring my own truth in this process and trying to keep the Band-Aids on my old wounds that I had put there instead of doing the real work to deal with it. My twin and I went back and forth until one day (after I started her program) the words hit me – heal thyself. I knew I had to do my inner work before I would truly have union with my Twin. Our push pull dynamic was from all the wounding we carried with us. I shared everything I was doing with my Twin and he balked at first. But as I healed me, he inevitably followed along and started healing things too even though he wasn’t trying to. We just moved in together a week ago and are in a romantic union. We have a LONG WAY TO GO still. But we have both committed to our union…. and our healing.

  18. Nadja

    As I started the program my whole life was controlled by obsessing about my twin and our union. I followed the program, got my life back, found myself and my strength again and on top found that wonderful deep love I was searching in a soulmate.

  19. Anonymous

    Thank you it somehow always does which is amazing I am really trust falling with the universe.
    I really love your program and you as my mentor is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me!

  20. Waheeda

    Thanks to the coaching of Sabriyé not only my private life improved but also my business life. I started with the 21 days e-course with practicing self love this had so much impact on my life and on my self believe. I had to sign up for her module coaching and my life changed within 9 weeks. With her teaching I attracted €1.000. My investment in her modules came back!!! Now I invested in another Mastermind for business women to bring my business to the next level and quite my daytime job!! I have so more believe in my journey and overcome my fear of loss. I know this sounds crazy cause the love that I have for my twin is beyond this world. But the life I am living today is much better than what I wanted. I improve my financial, mental and emotional state thanks to her. Always gratitude and love for Sabriyé.

  21. Anonymous

    So this happened!!! My twin not only came back to me after we separated and I did some truly deep healing work and used your program…. He has now asked me to marry him! Thank you Sabriyé!!! THANK YOU! Your program and the truth you teach about healing yourself first is the absolute truth. I didn’t like some of the things you said at first and I didn’t want to do some of the hard work. But now, I get it. I understand. He says I make him want to be a better man, truth is – our twin souls are just pulling one another to be better period. As I ascend he ascends and I love to see it completely unfolding before my eyes.

  22. Sacha

    I’m finishing up module 3 of the new program, and it’s answering every question I’ve been having lately. Thank you, you blessed woman for everything you do.

  23. Patty

    I would recommend the Inner Union Soul Alchemy package without reservation. There are multiple reasons that I recommend it even though I am usually quite suspicious of internet information. I am a senior citizen and a scientist and always very careful about the sources of information on-line. I was introduced to Sabriyé through one of her articles. Although I had always been interested and open to the metaphysical, I knew very little about the soul and had never heard the term “Twin Flame” when I connected with a healer to help me understand the pain and confusion that I was feeling about my partner. The healer recommended that I read Sabriyé article to help me understand the Twin Flame relationship. That led me to the Inner Soul Alchemy Program and the Tribe. Sabriyé is honest, straightforward, approachable and a wealth of information. The Tribe members offers each other support and the value of common experience. This package has given me the knowledge that I need to begin to understand my experience. I recommend it highly.

  24. Lokesh Elisa Singh

    Following Sabriyé example, I flew out to India to meet my Twin Flame. After working with her nothing stood us in the way of getting married. Now I understand the importance of working on the inner union before the outer union is possible. Thanks to Sabriyé we are living our loving life together.

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