Coming into Oneness is humanity’s evolutionary destiny.
We are entering a new era as humanity, where more and more people will need assistance in shifting into the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth. The School of Inner Union supports both individuals as well as professionals such as coaches, healers, and therapists in coming into Inner Union and learning how to facilitate the process of Inner Union.

About the School of Inner Union

The School of Inner Union is a modern-day Mystery School founded in 2021 to teach the process of coming into Inner Union on a personal level as well as how to facilitate the Inner Union process on a professional level. Tapping into ancient esoteric knowledge from Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and beyond combined with modern psychology and wisdom from the Akashic field culminates in a step-by-step process of healing the wounded ego and thereby the separation between the ego and the soul.

There are three levels of teaching available through the School of Inner Union:

The Inner Learning Circle Level 01

Soul teachings on the different aspects of Inner Union and entering the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth (5D) that opens up to us as we heal the wounded ego and come into Oneness with our soul.

This is our starter level.

Coming into OnenessLevel 02

A 12-month in-depth healing container that walks you step by step through the Inner Union process. Because we are multi-dimensional beings, we also need a multi-dimensional approach to healing that addresses the subconscious wounding from all three timelines of the past; our childhood, our ancestors, and our past life ‘selfs’ in order to heal the wounded ego and bring back the fragmented pieces of the ‘self’ that were lost in previous timelines. Restoring ourselves back in the physical to the wholeness we embody on a soul level, creating as above, so below.

This is our advanced level.

Akasha Healing™ Practitioner CertificationLevel 03

A hybrid Akasha Healing™ certification program, business mastermind, and personal healing experience for professionals that wish to incorporate Akasha Healing™ into their existing healing or therapeutic practice or for those who want to start offering healing services.

Akasha Healing™ is one of the most revolutionary healing modalities available to us at this time that facilitates others in their Inner Union process by healing unresolved trauma and karma from our childhood, ancestral lineages, and past lives. Through this multi-dimensional approach to healing, we heal the wounded ego within the various timelines that the wounding was created.

This is our professional level.

Charities we support

Giving back is an important part of our business model. We want to be a force of good in the world, not only through what we put out in content, programs, and services but also through spending actual $$$ on projects and initiatives that touch our heart.

About the founder

Sabriyé Ayana is a bestselling spiritual author, teacher, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union. Sabriyé is claircognizant (knowing) and clairsentient (feeling), as a Sacred Wisdom Keeper, she has a deep connection to ancient esoteric knowledge that she channels from and a deep connection to the Akashic field, where the chronicles of our souls are stored. Her in-depth knowledge of the Akashic Records are soul gifts from previous lifetimes that she unlocked through her own healing journey.

The wisdom taught in the School of Inner Union is Sabriyé’s soul’s legacy that she has been working towards over the course of many past lifetimes which included an incarnation within the Theosophical Society in the mid-1800s. Her work is highly spiritual and eclectic, yet it is not connected to any religion or a specific school of thought. The higher dimensional teachings she channels are based in non-dualistic, impersonal, and unbiased soul truth.



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