Inner Union Program

How do I navigate the website?

You can click on the colored hyperlinks or photo’s to navigate to different parts of the website. All the main pages are in the top menu, every main page has images or hyperlinks to navigate you further. Simply click on the image or hyperlink to go to the content it refers to.

How do I use the Solfeggio tones?

You can actively listen to the Solfeggio tones or have them on in the background. You can sleep with them as well, just make sure to download them and put your phone on airplane mode at night so that you do not sleep with cellphone and WIFI frequencies on.

Having the tones simply play in a room, even when you are not there can change the energy within the room.

Where do I find the recommended healers?

You find the list with all the recommended healers here. This is the team of healers that have assisted Sabriyé Ayana in her Inner Union journey and that are ready to assist you in your Inner Union process.

Where are the online healing sessions?

The pre-recorded online healing sessions can be found here. You can come back and do the sessions whenever you feel the need to.

How do I join the Sun & Moon Rituals or watch the replays?

You can join the Sun & Moon Rituals through Zoom, see this page  for zoom links and dates. All times are CET or CEST during the summer time. The replays are available within 24 - 48 hours, you will find them as YouTube videos at the bottom of the page.

What are first aid methods I can use when I am feeling super triggered?

You can make an Epsom salt foot or full bath. Having someone scrub down your back with Epsom salt can help as well. Ask the water to help you release everything that no longer serves you into the water and make sure to shower or rinse your feet (in case of a foot bath) after you are done. Instead of Epsom salt, you could also use Celtic salt, Himalaya salt or Sea salt.

You can use Rescue remedy, directly drop 4 drops under your tongue. However, make sure that you do not start using Rescue remedy to suppress your emotions. You don't want to shove them deeper down, you want to release them.

Make a spray bottle with Agua de Florida, Florida water by Lanman & Kemp-Barclay. Spray your auric field with this to instantly cleanse your field and shift the energy. You can also smudge yourself with Palo Santo or White Sage.

How long do I have access to the program materials?

You have lifetime access to the program content and materials.

Can I do the Inner Union Program a 2nd or more times?

Yes, you can and we recommend this as well. Each time you revisit the modules, you will gather a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught. The Inner Union process is a process that takes years, as it takes time to truly live and embody these teachings. In the same way that it takes time to clear out subconscious trauma, which is necessary to allow the soul to descend into the body as part of the Ascension process.

Mastermind Group

Where do I join the Mastermind group?

You can join the Mastermind group here, please keep your invoice number ready to let us know that you purchased the program.

Do I have to join the Mastermind group?

No, you don’t have to but you would benefit from it. Sabriyé Ayana is an active member of the group who answers questions there, posts content and occasionally does livestreams in the group.

The Mastermind group also connects you with people from all over the world, currently in various different stages of their Inner Union process. Mastermind groups are known to accelerate our progress in a way that is not possible, to achieve individually.

Will my friends and family members be able to see what I post in the Mastermind group?

No, everything that you post in the Mastermind group (despite it being on Facebook) is private. Only the other members within the Mastermind group know you are in the group and can see what you post or comment. Your friends or family will not be able to see anything.

Can you still remain in the Mastermind group after completing the program?

Yes, as long as you continue to contribute and support the others in the Mastermind group you can stay a member for as long as you like or as long as the Mastermind group is facilitated.

Payment plans

How do I pay my next installment if I am on a payment plan?

If you chose the payment plan option, you will receive an email each month with a link where you can pay the next installment. Please check your spam folder, if you haven’t received it or check with our team to see if the email address you provided is correct.

I paid my next installment, but I didn’t get access to the next module

Upgrading you to the next module is a manual process, this means that it could take up to 48 hours for us to process your payment. During week days in general upgrades will be processed within 12-24 hours, during the weekends our team doesn’t work. If there are any issues with your payment plan or module access please contact our team on the website chat.

There is an item stuck in my cart that I can’t get out

Sometimes multiple items can be in your cart that you don’t actually want to checkout. Look to the left for a small red colored x, click on this x and the item will be removed from your cart.

Sessions with Sabriyé Ayana

How do I book a session with Sabriyé Ayana?

If you have not worked with Sabriyé Ayana before, please book a 2 hour Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint session first. You can also book the Healing the Divine Masculine Within series through the website.

How do I book a discounted Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint session?

You can book your Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint session here. As a member of the School of Inner Union, you get a special discount price on repeat sessions.

I need to reschedule, cancel or book a session that I have already paid for

Please contact our support team with your order number and they will provide you the correct scheduling link.

You can reschedule or cancel sessions by going to the Google calendar appointment you were given or by using the links from the original appointment email.

Bach Flowers

Where can I do the Bach Flower test?

You can do the Bach Flower test here, you can come back whenever you feel the need to work with new remedies. Simply ask your higher self to show you which remedies you need in this moment and pick the amount (between 1 and maximum 6) of flowers you feel drawn to,

How do I make a Bach Flower dosage bottle?

Add 2 drops of each Bach flower remedy to a bottle of water of 8,5 oz, 17 oz or 34 ounces. Outside of the United States, Myanmar and Liberia that’s 250ml, 500ml or 1 liter. Close the bottle and shake it so that the Bach Flowers mix with the water.

Whatever amount of water you choose, drink it completely by taking small sips throughout the day. Make sure, the bottle is empty at night when you go to sleep. Make a fresh dosage bottle each morning. Continue the dosage as long as needed to create the shift inside yourself, this can be in a matter of days, weeks or months.

You can use the same flower or flowers for long periods of time. If you are working on deep issues, I recommend you continue for at least three months or until the stock bottle is finished.

Where can I buy Bach Flowers?

Bach Flower remedies are readily available at most health food stores, new age shops and multiple online shops. Some drug stores and pharmacies carry Bach Flowers as well. You really can buy them everywhere even in India, Singapore and Dubai… Use Google to find a selling point close to you.

Here is a small list of where you can buy Bach Flower remedies online and offline: